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1974 is when it all began.  Even as a kid, Scot couldn’t get enough of cars.  Not only playing with them but CONSTANTLY drawing them as well.  Inspiration came from one main source:  “CARtoons” magazine and if you’re familiar with it, you’ll definitely see the influence.  

After attending the University of Kentucky, Scot was unable to immediately find work in the art field, so he worked at a factory.  This job was so terrible that he was desperate to do anything art related.  His good friend, Tray “Big Daddy” Benham was tattooing since graduating high school at General Lee’s Tattoo in Radcliff, Kentucky.  He asked Scot about learning to tattoo.  Scot never had any intention to be a tattoo artist but decided to go for it... at least until he could get a “real” job.  Once he began tattooing, there was no turning back.  Along with tattooing, Scot supplemented his income by working as a graphic designer for the University of Kentucky Medical Department and later he spent nearly 3 years at Excell Printing in Radcliff, Kentucky.

During this time Scot met his now wife, Taren and together they decided to commit to tattooing full time.  In the fall of 2002, without much of a plan, just a lot of hope, they opened Ink Well Tattoo and never looked back!  They have two children, Noelle (born 2007) and Chloe (born 2009) and live in La Grange, Kentucky where they hope to stay FOREVER!